The Secretariat


Rana is in her fourth year doing a double major in Political Science and CCIT. She is extremely passionate in Middle Eastern politics and Russian History. Professionally, she sees herself working in a field regarding foreign relations or completely delving herself into marketing. When she's not talking about politics, she likes to swim, go shopping, and go to the beach!

Rana Hassan

Director General

Osama Abdalla is in his fourth year of molecular biology. He has been involved in MUN for 7 years in conferences across the world. He will be taking on the role of Director General this year. Fun fact: Osama makes origami in his free time.

Secretary General

Osama Abdalla

Meet Anton, your Head of Crisis for UTMMUN's inaugural conference!
Anton is a third year student specializing in  Political Science. Currently, he is focusing on his fields of study while also getting involved with various organizations that broaden his perspective on the world. Some of his interests include dancing, fishing, finding new genres of music as well as business opportunities.

Head of Crises

Anton LoRi


Kevin Bloye is your Head of General Assembly for this years UTMMUN conference. Kevin is in his final year of a Political Science major with a double minor in Environmental Law and Policy, and Sustainability. He is passionate in regards to environmental policy and enjoys discussing U.S. politics. When otherwise unoccupied he likes hiking, cooking and playing the harmonica.

Head of General Assembly

Kevin Boyle


Mahmoud is your secretary of the treasury for this year’s conference. He's in second year studying history and political science, and is really passionate about MUN. He hopes you all enjoy UTMMUN and the club in general. 


Juan Bobadilla is a sophomore at the University of Toronto studying Economics and Political Science. Born and raised in Mexico City, Juan became keenly interested in MUN since middle school, and cherishes all of the experiences and friends that he has met along the way. Outside of MUN, Juan clerks at a legal firm and is a member of the Equity Commission at Victoria College. In his free time, Juan enjoys reading, playing piano, and spending time with his family.

Juan Antonio Bobadilla

Head of  Security Council

Mahmoud El Megharbel

Secretary of the Treasury