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The University of Toronto Mississauga Presents

Utm mun

March  26 - 27, 2022 


Letter from the Secretary General

Sarthak Sharma 

Dear delegates,

On behalf of my Secretariat and esteemed colleagues, I am honoured to invite you to The University of Toronto Mississauga’s annual Model United Nations conference! The main goal of UTMMUN is to grant delegates across Ontario the ability to connect, debate, converse with students in a professional academic setting. This year we will be hosting the conference from March 26 till March 27, 2022. Our earnest goal is to provide you with an incredible in-person conference experience. 

This year has been incredibly troubling, with various issues and events emphasizing the need for international cooperation and discussion. The committee will provide you with the avenue to discuss some key global issues while also challenging you as delegates. We hope to see delegate demonstrate their abilities to cooperate, negotiate and use diplomacy to present their solutions to these pressing problems. Our goal is to provide a pleasant experience to all delegates regardless of their background or experience, as we hope you use this 2-day conference as an opportunity to learn. 

We at UTMMUN will take all the necessary precautions needed to facilitate this in-person conference and ask you to abide by the rules and instructions provided to you on behalf of the Secretariat. We hope you understand that your safety is our priority and that these instructions ensure the safety of delegates. 

UTMMUN will continue to evolve itself as a conference, and we hope to match the expectations you have for us. We will continue to provide delegates with an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills for future conferences and much more. 

On behalf of the Secretariat, I extend our invitation to all delegates and hope to see you on the 26th of March 2020.


Sarthak Sharma 
Secretary-General, UTMMUN 2021

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