The University of Toronto Mississauga Presents

Utm mun

January  23 - 24, 2021 


Letter from the Secretary General


Rana Hassan

Dear delegates,

On behalf of my secretariat and esteemed colleagues, I am honoured to invite you to The University of Toronto Mississauga’s annual Model United Nations conference! The main goal of UTMMUN is to grant delegates across Ontario the ability to connect, debate, converse with students in a professional academic setting. With the conference occurring on January 23-24, 2021, we hope that we can provide a wonderful online conference experience for all delegates. 

The committees discuss a variety of topics that range from current ongoing crisis to historical matters to allow for intriguing debate. We are looking forward to the extraordinary displays of diplomacy, negotiation, civil discourse, and rhetoric that will be present at this conference. We hope that regardless of experience or background, all delegates can benefit and contribute to learn from the conference over its 2-day duration.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, UTMMUN has decided to shift to occur online to keep our delegates healthy, happy, and safe. With the conference occurring through Zoom, we hope to provide an inclusive and productive environment for fruitful debate for all delegates, while maintaining the United Nations procedure to honour the legacy of the Model United Nations community. 

UTMMUN continues to develop itself as a conference and hopes to flourish towards Model UN veterans alike. We hope that our delegates feel they are given the opportunity to  cultivate their skills for future Model UN conferences and beyond. 

My secretariat and I are very much looking forward to welcoming you all through Zoom on January 23!




Rana Hassan

Secretary-General, UTMMUN 2021